Sweet Nothing - 2001 - 54 minutes

Red ties, black shirts and the musical equivalent of white noise. Uniformed LA combo The Icarus Line have, in the space of a few months, found themselves the darlings of the music press. But they're far from a new outfit, having formed in 1995 and released a series of singles on their way to the fury of 'Mono'.

Put simply, they're the latest inheritors of the rogue gene that links The Stooges to The Birthday Party to Black Flag: raw class. Out there time changes, bass to the fore, guitars slugging it out for speaker space and singer Joe Cardamore turning his insides out on top of it all.

You might be thinking this year's At The Drive-In, but the 'Line are far more terrifying and less singalong a prospect. At times they need more of a hook to hang their anger on, but the manic breaks on 'Enemies in High Places' and the scream to whisper brilliance of 'In Lieu' suggest a future full of flat out, amped up genius and a generation of kids who might just ask to borrow their dad's tie...

Harry Guerin

Tracklisting: Love Is Happiness - You Make Me Nervous - Lost - Enemies In High Places - In Lieu - Feed A Cat To Your Cobra - Faithless - Please Fire Me - Keep Your Eyes Peeled - Best 2 Out Of 3 - The Rape Of The Holy Mother - SPMC