Domino - 2001 - 38 minutes

Jim O'Rourke's 1999 album 'Eureka' was recorded in his bedroom but sounded like he'd managed to fit a symphony orchestra in between his record collection and the wardrobe. Taking Bacharach style melodies and mixing them up with downbeat introspection, the Chicago-born multi-instrumentalist, producer and touring Sonic Youth player created one of the most un-pop pop albums in years.

Now he's back with 'Insignificance', his third to be named after a Nicolas Roeg film and hopefully the one to steer him towards the bigger audience he deserves. The pop magic has survived from 'Eureka' but it's brilliantly offset by rockier numbers, almost as if O'Rourke got fed up at home, walked to a club across the street and cranked up every amp on stage.

For the small hours you've got the likes of 'Get A Room' and the title track, but if you want something to kickstart your evening listen no further than the riffs of 'All Downhill from Here' or 'Therefore I Am'. And even when O'Rourke engages in some wry or sarcastic lyrical putdown there's always a harmony or chorus to make you smile.

Your parents are guaranteed to love half of this album, you will adore it all.

Harry Guerin

Tracklisting: All Downhill From Here - Insignificance - Therefore I Am - Memory Lane - Good Times - Get A Room - Life Goes Off