Hidden Beach – 2001 – 127 minutes

Scott was rapturously received for her Summer 2000 debut 'Who is Jill Scott' and now comes...album 1.5. Combining a live recording of a Washington DC show last August ('826') and some new studio tunes ('+'), it's an oddly unappealing collection which is probably best left to Scott's hardcore fans.

'826' has its share of moments, including great versions of 'Who Is...' standouts 'A Long Walk' and 'The Way', but too often the band and your attention wander off – one lengthy, over elaborate jam following another. By the close you may have forgotten that you're listening to it at all – only the upbeat Latin reworking of 'He Loves Me' reminds you that this isn't meant to be background music.

Her collaboration with 4 Hero on '+'s 'Gota Get Up' showcases the very best of Scott as does 'Sweet Justice', but otherwise both '826' and '+' would work far better on DVD than album.

Harry Guerin

Tracklisting 826: Show Intro - A Long Walk (Groove) - Love Rain (Suite) - Slowly Surely - One is the Magic (Redux) - Do You Remember - Gettin' in the Way - It's Love - The Way - Fatback Taffy - He Loves Me (Lyzel in E Flat)

Tracklisting +: Free (Prelude) - Gotta Get Up (Another Day) - One Time - Sweet Justice - Thickness - High Post Brotha - Gimme - Be Ready - Free (Epilogue)