Virgin - 2001 - 57 minutes

Named after Marlon Brando's gang in 'The Wild One' and looking like they haven't seen daylight in years, the BRMC are this year's contenders for the high cheekbones/good trousers crown. But whereas current titleholders The Strokes play like they're having a good time, all the time, the 'Club are dreamy, downtempo and sound like they never really got over that girl – "like I care" vocals combining with guitar breaks that haven't been around since Black Francis plugged in all those years ago.

It's the type of album that makes people ashamed to admit that they're listening to it in a hatchback when they could've bought two less wheels and had a lot more fun. There are some truly stellar moments from the acoustic/electric standoff on 'Now She's Gone' to the white noise of 'Awake', but the closing quarter sees them stuck in by-the-numbers trance rock territory and not trying too hard to get out.

Still if you missed the Spacemen 3 and Jesus and Mary Chain records first time 'round, this could be the time to pledge your allegiance.

Harry Guerin

Tracklisting: Love Burns - Red Eyes and Tears - Whatever Happened to my Rock 'n' Roll (punk song) - Awake - White Palms - As Sure as the Sun - Rifles - Too Real -Spread Your Love - Head up High – Salvation