Fat Possum - 2001 - 52 minutes

Now 75, RL Burnside still shows no signs of switching off his amp as these shows from his 2001 US tour attest to. Recorded mostly at the Crystal Ballroom on Portland's Burnside Street, put it on and you'll feel like you've walked into the perfect joint off the beaten track.

Summoning up history through his fretboard, the deep blues survivor powers through his classics like 'Rollin' & Tumblin', 'Bad Luck and Trouble' and the cherished standard 'Walkin' Blues'.

Burnside may have left the barbecue gigs and no name bars behind a long time ago, but you still feel like he's playing for ten people under a single lightbulb. And the much youthful whooping from front stage shows that the kids he picked up through his remix album and work with Jon Spencer are more than happy to get sweaty with him on his sorties into the backwoods.

In an age where live albums are more sanitised than their studio counterparts, this is one record that sounds like a night of electricity, magic, spilt beer and devilish grins. If you're having a party anytime soon, RL's the only man you want playing in the corner.

Harry Guerin

Tracklisting: Shake 'Em on Down - Skinny Woman - Miss Maybelle - Rollin' & Tumblin' - Long Haired Doney - Walkin' Blues - He Ain't Your Daddy - Bad Luck and Trouble - Jumper on the Line - Goin' Down South - Alice Mae - Snake Drive