Flip/Interscope - 2001 - 74 minutes

Having lost jester/guitarist Wes Borland to a solo career and watched Linkin Park make a serious challenge for his baseball cap crown, the year hasn't ended quite the way Limp Bizkit frontman Fred Durst would have liked. He shouldn't bank on the reviews of 'New Old Songs' cheering him up though, because its non-event remixes of Bizkit hits will try even the most committed of fans.

The singer has said that he never buys remix albums and kids with money in their chain wallets would be well advised to follow his example - despite a handful of heavy hitters (Gang Starr's DJ Premier, producer wunderkinds Timbaland and Butch Vig), this fails to tell you anything about the group that their three albums haven't done already.

Only The Neptunes and Madonna collaborator William Orbit bring some standout class to the proceedings, the former turning 'Nookie' and 'N 2gether' into sassy hip-hop and the latter mixing eerie electronics with dumb rock on 'My Way'. But not even they can compensate for the likes of Timbaland's dour version of 'Take a Look Around' and the hilarity of DJ Monk's drum 'n' bass mauling of 'Rollin'', which sounds like the theme music to an ad for vitamin capsules.

Three great new old songs and lots of bad old filler, Durst devotees should buy decks themselves - they might find they're every bit better than what he serves up here.

Harry Guerin

Tracklisting: Nookie (Remixed by The Neptunes) - Take a Look Around (Remixed by Timbaland) - Break Stuff (Remixed by DJ Lethal) - My Way (Remixed by Sean 'P Diddy' Combs) - Crushed (Remixed by Bosko) - N 2gether Now (Remixed by The Neptunes) - Rearranged (Remixed by Timbaland) - Gethcha Groove On (Remixed by DJ Premier) - Faith/Fame Remix (Remixed by Fred Durst & Josh Abraham) - My Way (Remixed by DJ Lethal) - Nookie (Remixed by Butch Vig) - Rollin' (Remixed by DJ Monk vs The Track Mack) - My Way (Remixed by DJ Premier) - My Way (Remixed by William Orbit) - My Way (Remixed by The Dub Pistols)