Virgin - 2001 - 56 minutes

Given that 'Goddess..' sold 954 copies on its release date (Robbie Williams sold 73,000 on the same day), it seems safe to assume that neither Mick Jagger nor his label will bet the farm on the prospect of chart success for his first solo album in eight years.

A chance to stretch the throat during Stones' downtime, it's a celebrity packed outing with Bono, Pete Townshend, Lenny Kravitz, Wyclef and Aerosmith guitarist Joe Perry all stopping by for those 'bells and whistles' cameos that try to paper over the cracks. Even Stones devotees will find little to get excited about as Jagger covers familiar (gran)dad rock territory without, it seems, any sense that fans deserve something more.

And while the voice is still in good shape, he's produced to within an inch of his life on the likes of 'Vision of Paradise' and 'Gun' (including cheesy 'Hooked on Classics' style orchestral section). The only consolation is that, if you can get past the image of a car driving through a desert and a gospel choir singing on a mountain top, his collaboration with Bono on 'Joy' is decent and worthwhile pop.

What was needed here was Jagger, a piano, a rhythm section and a guitarist, some low key songs and lots of real world restraint. What you get instead is an album that would've sounded dated ten years ago.

Harry Guerin

Tracklisting: Visions of Paradise - Joy - Dancing in the Starlight - God Gave Me Everything - Hide Away - Don't Call Me Up - Goddess in the Doorway - Lucky Day - Everybody Getting High - Gun - Too Far Gone - Brand New Set of Rules