Sub Pop – 2001 – 51 minutes

Formed from the ashes of celebrated underground bands The VSS and Slaves, Frisco's Pleasure Forever are the type of outfit who only come out after dark and constantly ask if you're brave enough to tag along.

Not since the Afghan Whigs glory days on Sub Pop have a band injected such menace into the small hours, Pleasure's piano/bass driven sound suggesting that they've either lived enough for three lifetimes or could start straight away as the new houseband for all of Pigalle.

They jump from eerie ('Tomorrow Forever') to pomp and circumstance ('Any Port in a Storm') with each member taking the song in their own devilish direction before meeting back for the fade out. An offbeat and out there treat for musical vampires everywhere.

Harry Guerin

Tracklisting: Goodnight - Any Port in a Storm - Meet Me in Eternity - Stay Precious - You and I Were Meant to Drown - Curtain Call for a Whispering Ghost - Tomorrow Forever - Bullets - Magnus Opus - Opalescence

Pleasure Forever play Whelans, Dublin on December 9; Nerve Centre, Derry on December 10 and Morrisons Spirit Grocers, Belfast on December 11.