Melodic - 2001 - 47 minutes

Organic techno? That goes someway to explaining what Bristol boy David Edwards has come up with for his debut album. With more than enough to enchant Tortoise fans and electro devotees alike, Edwards dips in and out of programming and instruments to create an album that looks to nature for inspiration and makes you wonder just what he listens to in his spare time.

The delicate and compact home-produced sound means no single element tries to compete over another in his dawn and dusk chorus. And while the likes of 'Three Magpies' suggest that he needs to get away from the buttons and out into the fresh air a little more often, the whole album moves with a hypnotic quality which makes you want to hide under the covers and travel through it all again.

Cute, quirky and guaranteed to feature on wildlife programmes for years to come.

Harry Guerin

Tracklisting: Websites - Roman Answer - First Back to Down - Moray Arrival - Chance Anthem - The Range - Local Violin Shop – Three Magpies - There is a Dog - Out of the Hot – Primary