Rough Trade – 2001 – 49 minutes

Hope Sandoval is best known to music fans as the soporifically sexy vocalist of 90s Californian duo Mazzy Star. Over the course of three sparse, string-soaked and utterly beguiling albums, Sandoval and guitarist David Roback carved out a healthy, leftfield niche as protectors of psychedelic folk.

On last year's EP 'At The Doorway Again', the sultry chanteuse took a hiatus from Roback and joined forces with ex-My Bloody Valentine drummer Colm O'Ciosoig. 'Bavarian Fruit Bread' continues this collaboration which has produced a sound that's much more Star than Valentine.

In fact, this is actually gentler than the Mazzy Star sound. Where the latter frequently incorporated some fuzzy guitar workouts, The Warm Inventions rely on a softer approach. In fact, things are often so mellow here that you just know O'Ciosoig didn't once break sweat.

'On The Low', the loungey 'Around My Smile' and 'Clear Day' are the album's highlights. On the latter, Sandoval gently purrs that she's "gonna take all your troubles and kiss them away". This woman's bedroom voice is the perfect instrument to send you into the arms of Morpheus, preferably with company. This is the calm after the storm.

Tom Grealis

Tracklisting: Drop - Suzanne - Butterfly Mornings - On The Low - Baby Let Me - Feeling Of Gaze - Charlotte - Clear Day - Bavarian Fruit Bread - Around My Smile - Lose Me On The Way