Function 8 – 2001 - 54 minutes

Jazz Cannon is the hobbyhorse of Billy Cote, one-time member of New York college pop-rockers Madder Rose. It twins Cote's musical alter-ego with a collective of his muso mates. Venturing down the sleazy alleys, it probes the dark corners that were never anywhere near Madder Rose territory.

More the most part, Cote is the one-man band here, orchestrating the cut-and-paste instrumentation and samples before appending each song with guest vocals. One such donor is Don Greene, a serendipitous discovery made by Cote on a cheapo cable channel whose eerie vocals spill over the narcotic 'Tell It To The High-Rise'. The most welcome contribution comes from Mary Lorson on 'Where You Are, Star'. The exquisite vocals of the one-time Madder Rose-ette swoon alongside dubbed-down reggae.

Despite dark elements such as ' Daddy Ride' and the blackly poetic '(Last Days) In Candy's Room', there are splashes of light. ' Wyyr Pt Dub' spools instrumental threads around gentle keyboards while 'Blackie's Echo Box (RIP)' is a quiet hush of strings, guitars and xylophone.

Disturbing but engaging, Cote's abstract excursions are grotesque but capable of greatness, not to mention haunting – but in the good and bad sense of the word.

Sinéad Gleeson

Tracklisting: Tell It To The Hi-Rise – Shere Khan – Wyyr Pt Dub – Daddy Ride – Where You Are, Star – (Last Days) In Candy's Room – Blackie's Echo Box (RIP) – Killed At Party – TTT2 - Thinly Veiled – The Resonant Priest