Ark 21 - 2001 – 41 minutes

Having re-invented and resurrected themselves with their 1999 album 'Suicide Pact - You First' Therapy? have returned with the album they should have made six years ago when basking in the afterglow of their Mercury nominated 'Troublegum'. If 'Suicide Pact' was the quartet's broody, staying-in record, then 'Shameless' is best seen as their jukebox collection, the type of album you want blaring in the background when you're out way past bedtime.

Recorded in Seattle with legendary producer Jack Endino (the man who made Nirvana's 'Bleach' for $635), it finds the quartet stripped down to basics with Endino capturing the straight ahead rock that they always threatened but never really got around to on their journey through everything from industrial to punk.

With air thumping guitar solos, handclaps and singalong choruses they try on everything from glam reworkings ('Body Bag Girl') to Iggy tributes ('Wicked Man'), always with the conviction of a bar band who aren't going to stop playing until everyone buys a copy of their record. If Europe fails to appreciate what's on offer here, the kids across the pond might finally be ready for a band who walk it like they talk it.

Harry Guerin

Tracklisting: Gimme Back My Brain - Dance - This One's For You - I Am The Money - Wicked Man - Theme From Delorean - Joey - Endless Psychology - Alrite - Body Bag Girl - Tango Romeo - Stalk & Slash