Invisible Records – 2001 – 51 minutes

Dublin brothers The Devlins have always had the appearance of a band high on aspirations, but low on ideas. Their third album, 'Consent', is, frustratingly, more of the same.

The title track, a gentle, low-tempo, late-night lovelorn tale makes sparse but effective use of chiming guitar riffs - a solid opener. It's a false dawn, however. First single 'Static In The Flow' is more static than flow, while 'There Is A Light' revives the dreaded memory of Del Amitri.

Perhaps the biggest letdown of this album is the lyrical content. At best, they are sickeningly mediocre. At worst, well, let's not go there. And it's a pity. The seeds of some pleasing tunes are present but the album's sheer lyrical laziness anchors it firmly in the mundane. Near the end only 'Montreal' and 'Five Miles To Midnight' are passable, but it's much too little, far too late.

Apart from some brief positive moments, 'Consent' suggests a real absence of ideas from the brothers D. It plods more than powers, and is ultimately too anodyne and toothless to sustain enough interest. "My time is coming", Colin Devlin sings on 'In Seville' – on this evidence, I wouldn't bank on it.

Tom Grealis

Tracklisting: Consent – Static In The Flow – There Is A Light – Strangest Things – In Seville – People Still Believing – Snowbirds – Montreal – Metro – Wide Open – Five Miles To Midnight – Vertical