A Dub Transmission

Palm Pictures – 2001 - 52 minutes

RadioAxiom sees two legends of low-end vibrations joining up to create a predictably spacey and downtempo exploration of the far galactic outposts of the universe of dub.

The two are unique and seriously influential musicians. Wobble plied his trade with John Lydon's PIL before setting up his own Invaders of the Heart. He also found time to guest on a multitude of recordings, most memorably providing the thunderous bassline which kicks in about twelve minutes into the Orb's Blue Room. Bill Laswell has been involved in close to a hundred releases, in collaboration with a roster of players as diverse as Herbie Hancock, Mick Jagger and David Byrne.

The bass guitar, and a shared love for the subterranean, electronic sound of dub, is their common ground, and it's no surprise that RadioAxiom is a ambient exploration of the form, with digital effects, distorted guitars and occasional brass stabs supporting the main event – serious basslines and the inspired drumming of reggae legend, Sly Dunbar.

An African influence is easily detected on 'Alsema Dub', where sweet vocalisations and complex rhythms lift the mood beyond the ambience of an Amsterdam coffeeshop into new, quite beautiful territory. By contrast, the atonal samples on 'Virus B' give it a dense, forbidding feel. '6th Chamber' is another lush, polyrhythmic trip to the chill-out room.

Though the basic dub foundations of RadioAxiom mean it won't win many converts, this is perfect 5am music for the ambient dubhead in your life. What do you mean there isn't one?

Luke McManus

Tracklisting: Subcode - Alsema Dub - Virus B - Orion - 6th Chamber - Alam Dub