Independiente - 2001- 69 minutes

Paul Weller is the mod who didn't know when to stop. His place in history is assured thanks to The Jam, the punk band for people who didn't like punk. 'Days Of Speed' is a live album recorded on his latest tour and takes us on an interminable journey through the befringed one's career. So we get The Jam, The Style Council and Weller's solo efforts all on one shiny disc.

This album is a shameless attempt to convince the record buying public to support the mod icon in middle age. It suffers from all the usual inadequacies that go hand-in-hand with live albums. The acoustics are poor, the lyrics are, at times, barely audible and you get the obligatory crowd of attention-seeking muppets in the background.

'Days of Speed' represents an attempt by Weller to palm off his songs in a musical version of a two-for-one deal. You can hear the record company exec's inward monologue: "Buy this album - you'll get a scattering of his classics, as well as the recent crappy stuff." Which is the best way of defining this record.

There are three Jam songs, none of which are as good as the studio versions; the live version of 'Town Called Malice' is the nadir. The Style Council tracks probably work best, with 'Down In The Seine' being one of the few decent things about this record. Weller's solo efforts are also present, and frankly they were not all that great to start with, let alone with crowd noise and hiss in the background.

This record is a poor attempt to remind us of what made Weller great. The Jam once sang 'That's Entertainment', this, is anything but.

John Raftery

Tracklisting: Brand New Start – The Loved – Out Of The Sinking – Clues – Ehglish Rose – Above The Clouds – You Do Something To Me – Amongst Butterflies – Science – Back In The Fire – Down In The Seine – That's Entertainment – Love Less – There's No Drinking After You're Dead –Everything Has A Price To Pay – Wild Wood –Headstart For Happiness – Town Called Malice