Go Beat - 2001 - 42 minutes

Ben Parker and Jason Hazeley met while working at a sheet music company, realised their songs were better, released two albums to a select 50,000 and now stand ready to claim the Sunday brunch circuit as their own.

With it's easy sell title, 'Ten Songs About You' could well be the lovey dovey album for couples who've given up on going out but it's so much more than that. It's funny but never smug, sweet but never sickly, moves between low key and majestic with no fuss and is perfect together or alone ("since when has one away from two been none?" asks Ben).

With strings giving courage to the sentiments, the duo dive heart-first into conquests and requests, offering up hooks and hits in every song. From the up of 'The Wild Things' to the wishes of 'See You in My Dreams', these are songs for swinging or sulking lovers and more than enough to restore your faith in doe-eyed romance or, failing that, daytime radio.

Harry Guerin

Tracklisting: The Wild Things - The Film With All the Kisses At The End - Duet - Fingertipping - If All We Had Were Stars - See You in My Dreams - Let's Murder Vivaldi - Great Days - How the Hell Do I Explain? - I Won't Look Down