2001 – Rockingale Records – 46 minutes

Carole King's 1971 album 'Tapestry' contains many well-known classics that you've heard, even if covered by someone else. Penned by this talented songstress, that album included 'I Feel The Earth Move', '(You Make Me Feel Like) A Natural Woman' and 'You've Got A Friend'.

In the thirty years since its release she has consistently maintained an output of her own material as well as working with other artists. King wrote and played piano on Celine Dion's hit 'The Reason' and here she gives it more verve and heat than Dion (who sadly joins in on backing vocals) The new generation of R'n'B divas could learn a thing or two from the title track as Carole demonstrates that it's all about the vocals, not the cleavage.

There is a sunny, confident vibe to the album – King comes across as a woman content with life and brimming with hope and possibility in the face of age. Her voice has aged well, sounding for all the world like it did in her heyday, but at times adopting a smoky, emotional resonance.

The production here is good, if a little too glossy at times, and while some of the tracks have an upbeat, updated sound, there is a tendency to recede into vocal-driven 80s schmaltz. Worth it purely for King's unmistakable voice, these songs can't quite shake off the tweeness, lacking the strength and originality of her back catalogue.

Sineád Gleeson

Tracklisting: Love Makes The World - You Can Do Anything - The Reason - I Wasn't Gonna Fall In Love - I Don't Know - Oh No Not My Baby - It Could Have Been Anyone - Monday Without You - An Uncommon Love - You Will Find Me There - Safe Again - This Time