HTI – 2001 – 37 minutes

When he wasn't supplying the keyboards on Mercury Rev's 'Deserter's Songs' album and tour, Adam Snyder was at home in upstate New York writing his own music. Now Rev-less and signed to David Gray's old stomping ground HTI, 'Across the Pond' sees him step stylishly into the spotlight as a solo artist.

If you're seeking the orchestral sweeps of his former employers the truth is far more prosaic. With acoustic guitar to the fore, Snyder recalls Neil Young circa 'After the Goldrush'. The likes of 'Bare Bones' and 'Daddy's Song' are steeped in American folk history and you'll swear you can see Snyder stuck in some train station waiting room trying to earn his way to the next stop up the line.

But the best moments come when he brings his gentle dynamics to affairs of the heart: 'Two Moons' (co-written with Arthur Baker) looks skyward for solace from broken romance, and 'Actress in an Airport' turns a traditional male fantasy into a graceful slow set. 'Across the Pond' is an unexpected treat – here's hoping that Snyder can make the titular trip as often as possible.

Harry Guerin

Tracklisting: Two Moons - Up the River - Leaves of Grass - Until it Comes - On Hold - Bare Bones - Mike & Me – Daddy's Song - Thru Til Morning - To All My Friends - Actress in an Airport