City Slang – 2001 – 40 minutes

This quartet from North Carolina drifted gently into our consciousness last year with their sweet guitar-based pop and mysterious reticence. Following on from the success of their eponymous debut, The Kingsbury Manx are back with 'Let You Down'.

Four bashful boys who just create quietly beautiful music, The Manx might have initially been pleasantly bewildered at the reaction to their first album but, despite the pressures of high expectations for it's follow up, they still sound as languid as ever.

The album drifts pleasingly along, with moments of particular beauty in the harmonious 'Porchlight', banjo-strumming 'Et Tu Kitte?', the lullaby, 'Sleeping on the Ground' and the slow dance sweetness of 'Courtyard Waltz'. Taking time to blend layers and textures into a comforting and all-enveloping sound, these guys are as soothing as a late night cup of hot cocoa. Snuggle up this winter with The Kingsbury Manx.

Caroline Hennessy

Tracklisting: Let you down - Porchlight - Simplify - Et Tu Kitte? - Rustic Stairs - Sleeping on the Ground - Patterns Shape the Mile - Courtyard Waltz - Arun - New Evil - Baby You're a Dead Man - Do What You're Told