Virgin – 2001 – 50 minutes

Nikka Costa used to be famous. Daughter of Rat Pack arranger, producer and composer Don Costa, she sang with the full Don Costa Orchestra in Milan and made her first record which went platinum in Europe, Israel, South and Central America when she was just seven-years-old; at 8 she opened for The Police in Chile in front of 300,000 people.

Having taken time out to do a lot of growing up, the 28-year-old is back with 'Everybody Got Their Something', an album that shows she really was born to sing – and why wouldn't she be? Ol' Blue Eyes himself was her godfather.

From funky opener 'Like a Feather' to the softly falling rain on down-tempo outro 'Corners of My Mind', this is a collection of life-affirming tunes best described as pure rock 'n' soul - with some 60s-inspired psychedelia, 70's disco funk and right-now hip-hop thrown in for good measure.

Costa's at her best when she's making lots of noise – her voice soars on 'Tug of War', featuring Roots drummer ?uestlove, sweeping strings, and scratched samples; like a female Lenny Kravitz, she screams and rocks her way through 'Hope it Felt Good' and loses herself in the moody soul beat of 'Push and Pull'.

Even on two fairly unremarkable ballads, 'Nothing' and 'Just Because', Costa's voice shines, full of the sincerity and passion that is lacking in so many of today's pop, rock and r 'n' b divas.

She's has come a long way from her child-star status, but as Costa sings on the title track, "there's a time for every star". It looks like Nikka's time is now.

Cristín Leach

Tracklisting: Like a Feather – So Have I For You – Tug of War – Everybody Got Their Something – Nothing – Nikka What – Hope It Felt Good – Some Kind of Beautiful – Nikka Who – Just Because – Push and Pull – Corners of My Mind