WEA - 2001 – 71 minutes

Ennio Morricone is, was and forever shall be the Godfather of soundtrack composition. Quite why anybody would want to remix his classic themes from the Spaghetti Westerns of Sergio Leone is a mystery, but here it is: an album of remixed Morricone, inventively called 'Morricone RMX'.

Pooling the talents of Apollo 440, Nightmares on Wax and Terranova among others, Warner's have allowed today's young upstarts to change the context and tone of Morricone's work and in doing so have lost, for the most part, his genius.

There are good tracks on this album (Apollo 440's 'The Man With The Harmonica'). The problem is that it is often difficult to tell whether they are good because of the remix or because the original was so strong.

Morricone's ominous, evocative orchestrations worked because they were set to a specific scene, although they were strong enough to be heard outside of a darkened cinema. These complex, multi-layered pieces do not need extra sounds heaped upon them. Some of these artists appear to have simply decided to speed up Morricone's deliberate pacing and put drums and beats over the top, obliterating with Death Star like destruction.

A pointless exercise, this album is a creatively defunct wasteland, with Morricone's poignant songs slowly tortured by the likes of Bigg Bush. The award for worst contribution goes to Copasetic Con Vivi E Selda, whose remix of 'Here's To You' is reminiscent of a cat being meticulously strangled.

Letting today's remixers loose on Morricone's classical compositions to sell his material to a new generation, is an exercise as mad as the Vatican asking Jeffrey Archer to rewrite the Old Testament to appeal to 'the kids'. Morricone will come to regret agreeing to this.

John Raftery

Tracklisting: The Man With The Harmonica – Apollo Four Forty, For A Few Dollars More – Terranova, Here's To You – Con Vivi E Selda, Belinda May – Fantastic Plastic Machine, Clan Of The Sicilians – Bigga Bush, Chi Mai - Nightmares On Wax, Il Grande Silencio - Thievery Corporation, Un Bacio - Ali N. Askin, Doricamente - Tommy Hools, Giocoso, Gioioso - Groove Corporation, La Bambola/Come Maddalena - Sofa Surfers, La Lucertola - De-Phazz, Clan Of The Sicilians - DJ Dick