XL Recordings – 2001 - 64 minutes

UK Garage is a bit of a mystery; maybe it just doesn't travel well. It sounds good underneath the babbling banter of a hyperactive DJ on pirate radio, or thundering from the mirrored windows of a hot hatch belting down a South London high street, but it never dominated dancefloors on this side of the water.

This offspring of US house and UK jungle still rules the English capital. A couple of compilations have come close to capturing the vibe and last year's 'Sound of the Pirates' mix album by Zed Bias was the pick of the bunch. The Stanton Warriors have taken the cross-pollination one step further, by adding the grungy techniques of breaks'n'beats (a scene that is predominantly white) to the black-dominated sound of garage.

The opener, the Bristol duo's own remix of Basement Jaxx's 'Jump 'N' Shout', sets the tone - it's about big party anthems with thundering breaks and roughneck ragga vocals.

The resulting mix album has enough darkness for the sneering junglists, enough chunky basslines for the dancefloor and even some soulful vocalising on T Power's 'Runnin''. Throw in the verbal pyrotechnics of MC Moose and you have a perfect template for what jungle ought to have become, instead of disappearing into a dark orifice of self-indulgence.

The only snag with The Stanton Session is that the Irish version is missing their fantastic remix of Azzido da Bass's classic 'Doom's Night', the track that was everywhere last year. But this is still an essential party album.

Luke McManus

Tracklisting: Stanton Warriors / Intro - Basement Jaxx / Jump 'n' Shout (Stanton Warriors rmx) - Jammin / Distraction - Mr Reds / Can U Feel It - Unnamed Artist / Action - Plump Djs / Move It With Your Mind - Sole Fusion / Basstone - Biological / Good Old Love - Versions Excursions / The Phantom (Layo & Bushwacka rmx) - Stanton Warriors / Da Virus - Jeremy Sylvester / Be Bop - PMT / Gyromancer - The Spoon Wizard / Me & Spoonice (Blue Effect rmx) - Stanton Warriors ft The Empress / Right Here - Stanton Warriors / Da Antidote - T Power ft Amaziree / Runnin' - Groove Chronicles / Stone Cold