Virgin – 2001 – 156 minutes

The title says it all. It's back to baggy and all its peers as Virgin repeats the success of the 'Sampled' series with a raid on the racks from '88 to '92. Thirty-seven songs, some milestones, some of-the-moment classics, some three-minute throwaways, but all pure nostalgia for a generation and their wonder years (just how did I end up aged 30?).

Dumped at 17? Depeche Mode's 'Enjoy The Silence'. First pair of flares? The Stones Roses' 'I Am The Resurrection'. The slow realisation that cheating is the only answer for your first year exams? Blur's 'There's No Other Way'. And while many moaned that the charts back in the day were awful, compared to today's bilge this lot are positively sublime – how else can you explain 'Step On', 'Killer' and 'Getting Away With It' all in the one year?

The only major letdown is the liner notes. A few photos, the odd quote and even a dateline wouldn't have broke the bank – what you get instead is as informative as the instructions for assembling a desk. Otherwise, this is a star-studded and well-spent reunion with your teenhood. Quite how Candyflip got invited though remains a mystery.

Harry Guerin

Tracklisting CD1: EMF: Unbelievable - Happy Mondays: Step On - Stereo MC's: Connected - The Farm: All Together Now – Shamen: Move Any Mountain – Adamski: Killer – James: Sit Down - Inspiral Carpets: Dragging Me Down - The Charlatans: Weirdo – The House of Love: Shine On - The Mock Turtles: Can U Dig It? – Blur: There's No Other Way - Pop Will Eat Itself: Def Con One - Carter USM: The Only Living Boy in New Cross - The Wonderstuff: The Size of a Cow - Jesus Jones: Real Real Real - The Smiths: How Soon Is Now? - The Stone Roses: I am the Resurrection

Tracklisting CD2: Electronic: Getting Away With It - Morrissey: Suedehead - The La's: There She Goes - Blur: She's So High - Inspiral Carpets: This Is How It Feels - The Charlatans: The Only One I Know - The Soup Dragons feat Junior Reid: I'm Free - The Farm: Groovy Train - EMF: I Believe - MC Tunes vs 808 State: The Only Rhyme That Bites – Shamen: LSI - New Order: Blue Monday '88 – Moby: Go - 808 State: Pacific State – Orbital: Chime - The Beloved: The Sun Rising - Depeche Mode: Enjoy The Silence - Pete Wylie: Sinful - Candy Flip: Strawberry Fields Forever