Hut – 2001 – 42 minutes

Long deleted and over priced but much sought after, David Gray's early steps have been repressed for the legions – still – waiting for the follow up to 'White Ladder'. Comprising the material from the 'Wisdom', 'Shine' and untitled debut eps, the results show just how far he's come and what was always there from minute one.

The voice may lack the warmth and confidence that so many fell for, but the likes of 'Bird Without Wings' and 'Coming Down' stand square with any later successes. Other tracks don't fare so well, the bluster of 'Wisdom' sounding dated and the lyrics of 'Rice' ('The Lover's Guide' meets 'Ready, Steady Cook') adolescent and awkward.

For fans 'EP's 92-94' will fall somewhere between buried treasure and baby photos, but the most rewarding part of listening is knowing how well Gray's story turned out in the end.

Harry Guerin

Tracklisting: Birds Without Wings – L's Song – The Light – Shine – Brick Walls – The Rice – Wisdom – Lovers – 4:AM – Coming Down