Grand Royal - 2001 - 60 minutes

Montreal oddballs Bran Van 3000 and their leader James Di Salvio may have given the world one of the great keg anthems with 1998's 'Drinking In LA', but the album which accompanied it ('Glee') sounded like a bunch of performance artists on a free weekend in a recording studio.

Three years on and little has changed with 'Discosis' upping the celebrity ante (Youssou N'dour and 80's rapper Big Daddy Kane are amongst the vocalists), but it's still more likely to make you scratch your head than move your hips.

It begins in stellar, single of the year, fashion with the Curtis Mayfield driven 'Astounded', but thereafter only a couple of tracks (the Pet Shop Boys' swagger of 'More Shopping' and the ballad 'Rock Star') reach its highs, with the rest jumping between forgettable and the own-worst-enemy indulgence that ruined many a Pavement and Beck song.

Di Salvio can't make his mind up whether his band should be in the charts or the art galleries and at times appears to be on a mission to make sure they're filed under every genre in the local record shop. With 'Discosis', the only one he should really worry about is 'bargain bin'.

Harry Guerin

Tracklisting: Astounded - Loop Me - Montreal - BV3 - Discosis - Go Shoppin' - More Shopping - The Answer - Jean Leloup's Dirty Talk - Loaded - Speed - Predictable - Senegal - Dare I Say - Stepchild - Love Cliche – Rock