Shady Records – 2001 – 75 minutes

When rappers become stars, the posse album is never far away. The world is at your feet, your album is the hit of the year and you can do no wrong. So what do you do? Ring up all your old mates and ask them to make guest appearances on a lazily produced cash-in album.

Luminaries like Busta Rhymes, Snoop Dogg and Nas have all been guilty of similar crimes against music and it's no surprise that superstar Eminem is the latest to join the list. This reunion of his old Detroit sparring partners is the first release on his eponymous label, Shady Records.

Musically, 'Devil's Night' is hugely uneven. Having Dr Dre on production duty is always a good thing - the West Coast maestro rarely fails to deliver a compelling groove. A highlight is 'Nasty Mind' where a trademark synth work-out outshines the stupidly offensive lyrics. Eminem tries his hand at production for the first time on 'Pistol Pistol' and 'American Psycho', and while the influence of his guru Dre is obvious, he is nowhere near the same league.

None of the MCs are incompetent, but all they want to do is cause offence, and at this stage the filthy style is very stale. Hip-hop has become a sophisticated art-form, but D12 are content to remain the naughty idols of giggling mall-rats. Time to grow up lads.

Luke McManus

Tracklisting: Another P Service Announcement - Shit Can Happen -Pistol Pistol - Bizarre (skit) - Nasty Mind - Ain't Nuttin' But Music - American Psycho - That's How (skit) - That's How - Purple Pills - Fight Music - Instigator - Pimp Like Me - Blow My Buzz - Obie Trice – Devil's Night - Steve Berman (skit) - Revelation