MCA - 2001 - 46 minutes

The continuing story of three men who refuse to grow up. With the release of their 1999 album 'Enema of the State', San Diego punksters Blink 182 proved that their three-minute gallops through verse-chorus-verse had more than enough to steal Green Days' thunder.

'Take Off Your Pants and Jacket' (think about it) kicks off where its seven million selling big brother left off and proves that the success of two years back was no fluke. Teenage wonders and blunders, the inability to wrap presents on Christmas Eve and poor bowel control are the order off the day, relentlessly juvenile but still wiping the floor with the saccharine dross of their chart peers.

It all owes a huge debt to stylistic trailblazers like The Descendents and All, but unlike those bands Blink 182 have never hid their Top 40 ambitions and ' Pants...' seems set to give them another brace of hits. No progression but no desire to be anything they're not and an album to make anyone feel 17.

Harry Guerin

Tracklisting: Anthem Part Two - Online Songs - First Date - Happy Holidays, You B*****d - Story of a Lonely Guy - The Rock Show - Stay Together for the Kids - Roller Coaster - Reckless Abandon - Everytime I Look For You - Give Me One Good Reason - Shut Up - Please Take Me Home – What Went Wrong – Time To Break Up