Chrysalis – 2001 – 41 minutes

'Bring Down the Moon' is the sophomore effort from young Irish singer songwriter Naimee Coleman. Produced by Ian Stanley (formerly of Tears for Fears) who has also worked with Tori Amos, Human League and Republica, this is a gentle pop album.

Coleman's sweet voice on songs like current single, the ethereal 'My Star', and the catchy 'Standing Strong' is beautifully pure, if sometimes a little lost amidst the glossy production. Although she is capable of taking 'Love Song' from goth-rockers The Cure and transforming it into a tenderly wistful ballad, in other tracks she seems to be experimenting with a variety of different styles and sounds, unsure of her direction.

It can't be very easy to find your feet amidst all the Louises, Didos and Martine McCutcheons of this world but, given time, Naimee Coleman may be capable of producing more than just another disposable pop album.

Caroline Hennessy

Tracklisting: My Star - Hold On - Sparkle - Love Song - Sugar Me - Bring Down The Moon - Delicate - Standing Strong - Misunderstood - Altered - Your Arms