Tonal Music – 2001 – 37 minutes

This kid is doing his own thing. Pete Courtney's debut, taking its name from the old Sesame Street song, is self-released following on the heels of other independent Irish records such as Steve Fanagan's 'There Is Hope' and The Frames' 'For The Birds'.

Opening with the catchy 'Please Sombody', the album blossoms with the balladic 'Sensible Shoes' and the gorgeous opening of 'Fingers and Face'. 'Vociferous Consciousness Impulse' sounds like Monaghan born Courtney has been influenced by some of Yo La Tengo's collaborations with Jad Fair. The humorous 'Cushingtown' is rooted in a Dublin of cool barmen and Tower Records.

Although at times the production makes you think that Courtney is singing from the bottom of a very deep well, this album has enough charm to just about pull it off. Join him - as he asks on the final track - "in kissing the stars".

Caroline Hennessy

Tracklisting: Please Somebody - Sensible Shoes - Fingers and Face - Vociferous Consciousness Impulse - Fairy Dance - Chosen - Cushingtown - Jesus Sweat - Kissing Stars