Food - 2001 - 46 minutes

Young Matthew Jay initially comes kicking out of the chutes with his debut album, Draw. "Three more inches of hair is a whole f***ing world of rebellion", he mutters in the opening song. Unfortunately he doesn't maintain this rebelliousness throughout the album, instead slipping into something which is altogether too much like all the other male singer-songwriters that have emerged recently, a guitar in one hand and a sheaf of sad songs in the other.

Although Jay has some great pop tunes - his lament for lost childhood innocence, 'You're Always Going Too Soon', the seventies-esque 'Call My Name Out' - and ballads (the weather metaphors of 'Meteorology'), he doesn't seem able to maintain quality control across an album. Wearing influences such as Elliot Smith and David Gray on his sleeve, Jay risks getting caught in a new acoustic movement backlash.

The songs are there but he needs more time to develop a distinctive style. Whether his record company gives him this time and space remains to be seen.

Caroline Hennessy

Tracklisting: Four Minute Rebellion - Let Your Shoulder Fall - You're Always Going Too Soon - Only Meant To Say - Meteorology - Call My Name Out - Molasses - Please Don't Send Me Away - Remember This Feeling – Become Yourself - The Clearing - A World Away