RCA Victor – 2001 – 51 minutes

There is something about the Byrds and the Beach Boys that makes bands return again and again to their rich melodies and orchestral pop – no shame in that, especially when the results are as dreamily bittersweet as Grand Drive's 'True Love and High Adventure'. This follow up to last year's 'Road Music' - which was a compilation of their early singles and B-sides - is a vast leap forward from that album's country-rock Americana.

Based around brothers Danny and Julian Wilson who are, despite their sound, from South London rather than South Carolina, Grand Drive look far beyond their immediate geographical surroundings for inspiration. Opener 'Wheels', is reminiscent of Fred Neil's 'Everybody's Talkin' and the harmonies and horns on songs like 'Sleepy' and 'My Best Side' lift them into the realm of soul-country. File alongside Lambchop, Mercury Rev and The Webb Brothers.

Caroline Hennessy

Tracklisting: Wheels - Ladder to the Stars - Sleepy - Guy Who Would Carry On - True Love and High Adventure - Nobody's Song in Particular - Little Numb - My Best Side - One Last Parade.