Warners - 2001 - 67 minutes

It's difficult to believe, but Missy Elliott's third album sees the former tough chick swapping counting bills for popping pills. I can't imagine "Misdemeanour" herself havin' it large in a muddy field, but the album's title, and the track "X-Tasy" leave little doubt that she is now a convert to the raver's drug of choice.

But it's not all paeans to the joys of MDMA; the Black Madonna's legendary edge has not been blunted. Inadequate males will run for cover on hearing 'One Minute Man', Missy's scathing rebuff of low-grade lovin' - she even slips on a remix to reiterate the point.

Single 'Get Yr Freak On' is the album's strongest cut; producer Timbaland lets his lavish and unorthodox skills loose and the result is a shimmering, percussive groove that overwhelms Missy's frankly nonsensical rap.

There's no doubt that her nose for talent is as acute as ever - Timbaland's sure hands at the mixing desk, and guest rappers Redman & Method Man are straight from the top drawer. But unfortunately it's the songs that disappoint, with no sign of a real classic of the calibre of a track like 'All In My Grill' from her previous release.

Maybe she should keep taking the tablets. On second thoughts, maybe not.

Luke McManus

Tracklisting: So Addictive - Dog in heat f/ Redman and Method Man - One minute man f/ Ludacris - Lick shots - Get ur freak on - Scream aka Itchin' - Old School Joint - Take away f/ Ginuwine - 4 My people f/ Eve - Bus-A-Bus f/ Busta Rhymes - Watcha gon' do f/ Timbaland - Step off - X-tasy - Slap! Slap! Slap! f/Da Brat and Jade - I've Changed (Interlude) f/ Lil' Mo - One Minute Man (remix) f/ Jay-Z