Domino – 2001 – 43 minutes

Fourtet is the new project of Fridge magnate Kieran Hebden, who toured various continents in Badly Drawn Boy's band last year and guested on the last Marr/Sumner's Electronic album. When he's not working on Fridge or Fourtet, he also works as a DJ, producer and remixer. After two singles, an EP and a creative sojourn in Toronoto with Dan 'Manitoba' Snaith, he has finally given us a full-length Fourtet album.

'Pause' is a soufflé of airy sounds and unobtrusive beats. It filters delicate electronics with soothing synths and guitars to create a startlingly beautiful sound. Hebden's impressive range of samples are interwoven with unusual instruments, giving the album both an electronic and organic feel. The album is predominantly instrumental but there are a few vocal samples sprinkled throughout. On 'Twenty Three' they are ethnic and beat-driven, while 'No More Mosquitos', sounds like a children's playground chant.

Musicians who fuse electronica and guitars tend to fall on either one or the other side of the fence. 'Pause' starts off with a healthy smattering of both, but gets progressively more electronic. Loops and beats are first past the post, with guitars making intermittent appearances, as on the understated magic of opening track, 'Glue of the World'. Hebden's multitudinous roles in the music world have stood him in good stead, as this diverse collection shows. Whether it's cutting and pasting samples or playing thumb piano, the tracks are as haunting as they are appealing. A wonderful, wistful assortment of tracks from the Domino stable that should make you more than pause; it should stop you in your tracks.

Sineád Gleeson

Tracklisting: Glue Of The World – Twenty Three – Harmony One – Parks – Leila Came Round And We Watched A Video – Untangle – Everything Is Alright – No More Mosquitoes – Tangle – You Could Ruin My Day – Hilarious Movie Of The 90s