Function 8 – 2001 – 51 minutes

San Franciscans Tommy Guerrero and Gadget have been pals since childhood, sharing a love of skateboards and music that would dominate their adult lives in the city by the bay. Guerrero went on to become a championship 'boarder and owner of skate company REAL, Gadget became a DJ and founded the Function 8 label. Reunited in grooves for this record, the feeling is of two people with a lot more than just a record collection in common.

With Gadget's breaks to the fore and Guerrero laying down one sublime guitar part after another (following on from his superb 'A Little Bit Of Somethin' opus of last year), 'Hoy...' covers after midnight atmospherics (Cold), seventies Latin strut (RF Interference) and party shoutouts (Out The Village) but never plays like friends trying to show each other their new licks and tricks. With their busy lives they probably don't get to see that much of each other, this suggests they really should make windows in their worlds more often.

Harry Guerin

Tracklisting: Funny To Party - 1 Ton Superman - Deep Sleep - Comme Disait Papi (Pt 1) - Mechanisms - Weed On The Tree, Forty On The Floor - RF Interference - Out The Village - JusDis' Boy - Comme Disait Papi (Pt 2) - Seems Like Old Times - 2 Days Later - Cold - Mechanism