Jeepster – 2001 – 47 minutes

Snow Patrol claim that they made this album as if it would be their last. After listening to the results you'll wonder how such a thought even entered their minds. Soaring above the success of their 1998 debut, When It's All Over... shines and sighs with offbeat rock and dark day ballads. Opener Never Gonna Fall In Love Again suggests a dose of gritty guitars, but is followed by the tender folk of Ask Me How I Am, a noisy/naked pattern that continues across all 14 songs of ill-timed and misspent emotions. And when they turn the amps down the heartbreak is twice as loud, as highlighted on An Olive Grove Facing The Sea, where 70s dreaminess and a downbeat brass section make the lyric "I don't want to wake up" all the more eerie. It's their party and we'll cry if they want us to.

Harry Guerin

Tracklisting: Never Gonna Fall In Love Again - Ask Me How I Am - Making Enemies - Black And Blue - Last Ever Lone Gunman - If I'd Found The Right Words To Say - Batten Down The Hatch - One Night Is Not Enough - Chased By...I Don't Know What - On Off - An Olive Grove Facing The Sea - When It's All Over We Still Have To Clear Up - Make Love To Me Forever - Firelight