Columbia – 2000 – 33 minutes

One hit wonders or jokers with staying power? That's the dilemma facing New Jersey quartet Wheatus after the success of their no escape single 'Teenage Dirtbag'. And on the evidence of their debut cute could turn to cringe in record time: frontman Brendan Brown can sing and the band can throw some upstart jams, but the back row of the class lyrics about being dumped and neighbourhood meatheads wear very thin, very quickly. On the likes of 'Sunshine' and 'Truffles' they hit the point with some snotty style but too often they sound like the type of band you should laugh at, not with. Heaven if you're 15, bad memories for everyone else.

Harry Guerin

Tracklisting: Truffles – Sunshine – Teenage Dirtbag – A Little Respect – Hump 'Em N' Dump 'Em – Leroy – Hey Mr Brown – Love Is A Mutt From Hell – Punk A** B**** - Wannabe Gangster