K7 – 2001 – 47 minutes

Three years on from their acclaimed debut ('Northern Sulphuric Soul') and Manc movers Mark Rae and Steve Christian are ready to put the frighteners on the competition once again. With a more accomplished feel than its predecessor, 'Sleepwalking' sees the duo glide through streets and sheets, offering triumphs for twilight dwellers and upping the stakes in the world of laidback beats.

Guest vocalists are - again - the order of the small hours with Bobby Womack grooving and growling over stalker tale 'Get A Life', jazz chanteuse Tania Maria going broody on a Bond theme with 'Vai Viver A Vida' and brainy Cali crew The Pharcyde chiming in with some urban hymns on 'It Ain't Nothing Like' and ' Let It Go'. Another evolution for both you and your stereo, 'Sleepwalking' is set to be this year's worst kept bedroom secret. Sweet dreams.

Harry Guerin

Tracklisting: Blazing The Crop – Hold Us Down (Featuring The Congos) – It Ain't Nothing Like (Featuring The Pharcyde) – Get A Life (Featuring Bobby Womack) – Not Just Anybody (Featuring Kate Rogers) – Trailing In The Wake – Vai Viver A Vida (Featuring Tania Maria) – Let It Go (Featuring The Pharcyde) – Ready To Roll – Wake Up Everybody (Featuring Bobby Womack) – Salvation (Featuring Siron)