Double Snazzy/BMG – 2000 – 35 minutes

Now, there's being laid-back about names - and then there's just being plain lazy. Or maybe it's all about deciding that you don't need to hide behind a band name and why should you when you are producing music that you are proud of? And proud is what Jo Bartlett and Danny Hagan should be. Recorded on a wing and a prayer, with little time and less money, there's a wonderful freshness and optimism to 'Lank Haired Girl to Bearded Boy'. It opens with the exhilarating 'Solar Plexus', which gallops away into an alternative soundscape, all eight minutes a pure joy.

The ethereal beauty of Jo-voiced 'Hippy Thinking' invokes the spirits of 1960's kingdom Haight and Ashbury, musicians Nash and Crosby and counter culture classic Easy Rider in a careless reverie. Only 35 minutes long, this sixties-short album wouldn't have been out of place during those times as it drifts gently from psychedelia to folk, just about hitting pop along the way and turning the mind gently to the great outdoors as the seagulls call out lonesomely on 'Benbecula'. There's a wide openness about the songs, a sense of the euphoria felt when watching the sun come up on frosty mornings. The repeated refrain of 'Pilgrim's Prayer' ("shine a light on everything/make the sea and river meet/grow the grass beneath my feet") offers nothing less than a credo for the new millennium, Jo and Danny style.

Caroline Hennessy

Tracklisting: Solar Plexus - Hippy Thinking - Benbecula - Repentant Song - Love Expression -Arkle - Bell's Corner - Pilgrim's Prayer - Ones With Open Mouths