Some – 2000 – 50 minutes

Another under the radar outfit who deserve far better, J Majesty comprise three Utah boys and a wandering Californian all relocated to New York. With chops from jazz and hardcore and a singer that really should have been in Jane's Addiction, their debut unites lengthy jams with urgent breaks, at times playing like a tribute to the city they now call home, at others slowly spinning like the soundtrack to horizontal Sundays. You're often fooled into thinking they've gone instrumental as vocalist Spanky's (no kidding) hazy delivery takes a backseat to the oddball flights of guitarist Jeff and a ruthlessly focussed rhythm section, but the noise is always brave, if not entirely immediate. If J Majesty can find a few more choruses then they can ring magic from every single beat. Here, their trips are unchartered, but one blast of the beauty of 'West Side Hwy' and 'My Star' and you'll know they're headed in the right direction.

Harry Guerin

Tracklisting: Heceta - Country School - West Side Hwy - One, Three, Five - No Cop No Stop - Nightlife - Curses - R Is For Rocket - Cole - My Star - Willard North - Forge On Bro