Melodic - 2001 - 16 and 20 minutes

Two separate eps, one out now, one out next month, and each showcasing the talents of Bristolian David Edwards and chums. 'Motoring Britain' begins with solemn acoustic guitars, which then turn and spin on a frenetic drum pattern before 'Avon Ranger' goes the other way, curling itself on a shimmering keyboard motif, slowly rising into blissed-out beats. Things then take a more sublime turn on 'Repertor' as snatches of distorted rhythms and staccato sound effects crisscross. The remix EP, meanwhile, finds friends at the faders as every sound turns inside out. Blue States turn the title track into a wild west dream, hop along drums and chiming piano providing all the company you need for any trail while Empire State opt instead for an orchestral approach, strings disappearing and reappearing amidst sampled voices. You'll only be able to savour the genius of these two eps on a record player and it's worth buying one just to hear it. Viva la vinyl.

Harry Guerin

Tracklisting: (Motoring Britain): Motoring Britain - Avon Ranger – Repertor
Tracklisting: (Motoring Britain Remix EP): Motoring Britain Caravan Of Courage (Blue States Remix) - Stack On Rat Shared Conceit (ISAN Remix) - Motoring Britain Via Athens (Empire State Remix) – Repertor (2 Amigos Remix)