Wabana - 2001 - 46 minutes

As Calexico and members of Giant Sand, Joey Burns and John Convertino have kicked up clouds of dusty brilliance with their takes on life way out west. The desert sessions of 'tête à tête' find them in the company of another duo, Frenchmen Naim Amor and Thomas Belhom - former punks and performance artists who bring skewed Gallic beats to the four-track campfire. Shrouding themselves in twilight atmospherics, the quartet move from the spectacular (La Valse Des 24 Heures) to the ponderous (the non-event 14-minutes of 'The Wrestler's Masque'), sounding as if there was never a set course in mind. The result is an album that plays out like a grainy home movie, meaning more to the musicians than any audience could ever pick up on. Fascination and frustration in equal measure.

Harry Guerin

Tracklisting: La Valse Des 24 Heures - Elevator Baby - En Route To The Blanchisserie - Mobile Home - Orange Tree In The Yard - Gilbert - Pluie Sans Nuages - The Wrestler's Masque - Je Voudrais Me Rappeller - Le Savon Se Dissout Dans La Rigole