Jade Tree – 2000 - 36 minutes

Chicago's best kept secret, the drum and bass duo of Ryan Rapsys and Nick Macri refuse point blank to be pigeonholed. When they're not busy jump starting styles for their own rhythmic ends, they're thinking out and dreaming up their own 'what the?' symphonies so you can hear a different album every day.

'Hashin' It Out' sees them renew the obtuse patent they took out so successfully on their last album ('The Calendar Of Unlucky Days') and throwing in some guitar chops for merry measure. 'Gyrations' finds two young men going sleek in the presence of a dub choir; 'Where's The B?' is their time tunnel back to 80's boogie, while 'Press On' is an invite to a get together under African skies. And that's just the first half - by part two the headsparks really fly as they power through get down instrumentals ('Oh You Ache') and the TV sounds of 60's lifestyle programmes ('Shut It'), never once losing you or the plot. Dance moves for people who can't put one foot in front of the other.

Harry Guerin

Tracklisting: Gyrations - Press On - Where's The B? - Newscast - Bad Ascending - Do You Up - Oh You Ache - Weekend - Shut It - Nick Is Ryan - Honey, I'll Be Home By Suppertime - My Ladies Can't Remember The Eighties - Confirmation Of Suspicions