Rocket Girl - 2000 - 45 minutes

Fuxa is the trading name of Randall Nieman, a Detroit dreamer whose lush electronics will have their way with you - and your stereo. Having travelled to London to meet the hero bands of his teenhood, he then enticed them to share in the enchantment of Fuxa 2000. Backed by personnel from The Telescopes, Spacemen 3 and Piano Magic, the result is a breezy, soft focus paradise for horizontal souls.

Wonderfully measured (45 minutes, not 74), you'll sparkle and hang on every whispered, blissful beat, finding summer's brightest promise in every groove and glide. A hypnosis for both head and heart, 'Fuxa 2000' deserves to be massive, send the postcards from wherever you are.

Harry Guerin

Tracklisting: Rainy Day Dream Away - Techno Light - Amber Gambler - Detroit - Today - Girl - Workerbee 5000 - Strange News From The Angels (Echo Park Remix) - Rainy Day Dream Away (Instrumental Version)