Geographic – 2000 – 19 minutes

'Bill Wells is in unstoppable form,' says the press release. Snuggle into these wordless laments for 19 minutes and you'll find no room for debate, only heartsparks. The Scottish jazz outsider has gained the kids' kudos for his collaborations with Belle & Sebastian and The Pastels, but here subtracts five members from the Bill Wells Octet and composes a symphony for the small hours. Slow, gentle and perfect for lie-ins or love-ins, it plays like a series of dusky, doe-eyed snapshots, paced to perfection with the trio wringing out every last note as if your life just wouldn't be the same without it – or them. In a perfect world, Wells would score everything from film noir to the tea time news. With 'Incorrect Practice' you'll just have to settle for a perfect night.

Harry Guerin

Tracklisting: Incorrect Practice – Strangers By The Score – Burmac – Four Cows – Bad Plumbing – Presentation Piece #2