Desoto Records - 2000 - 52 minutes

Based in Chicago, but floating in the grooves of a great record collection, The Eternals solder jazz to dub on their strange brew debut. The trio's shadowy sound is hard to take to (cartoon-style sound effects colliding with loose basslines, offbeat lyrics and off key singing from singer Damon Locks), but brave the bizarre and you'll find a new album every time.

Take 'Feverous Times', one minute it's a lounge soundtrack for the coolest spot in town, the next it sounds like an apocalyptic sign off with Locks wailing for 'where he can walk in the moonlight' like a prophet of doom during last orders. And it gets better: 'The Eternals 2000' takes a beat like a production line and then piles on top African style guitars while 'Phase 3' combines space age hip-hop rhythms with cheesy keyboard swirls.

Headwreck heroes, they're not too sure of where they're going - but they will convince you to tag along.

Harry Guerin

Tracklisting: Billions Of People - Stirring Up Weather - Feverous Times - Phase 3 (Of A Never Ending Transformation) - Eternally Yours - The Eternals 2000 - Bewilderness - The Beginning And The End.