Friend Request is an above average social media themed horror movie that entertains throughout, with enough jump scares to keep your heartbeat racing, and a few unintentionally funny moments thrown in for good measure.

It follows Laura, (Alycia Debnam-Carey) a twenty-something, internet-addicted college student who is effortlessly popular - as demonstrated by her 800+ Facebook friends - and seemingly has the perfect life - as demonstrated by stylish and slickly-done montages of her online profile. She racks up the Facebook friends with ease, a stark contrast to her fellow psych class student Marina (Liesl Ahlers), who has, like, no friends at all, and tends to stare at her intensely across the lecture room.

Laura makes the fatal error of accepting social exile Marina's friend request, setting into motion a series of terrifying and gory events that makes her seriously wish she had never made that fateful mouse click.

The action unfolds in a fairly unnerving manner, helped by genuinely creepy animations, foreboding phone interference sound effects and some pretty gruesome death sequences.

It's weaker in it's depiction of some of the characters, namely Laura's picture-perfect but utterly bland surfer/doctor boyf, and emo-tinged, hoodie wearing Marina, who's a bit of a cardboard cutout of a villain.

The dialogue can also be clunky, never more so when Laura's friend orders her to 'Unfriend that dead b***h', a line which is unforgivably appalling no matter who's delivering it.

That said, Friend Request is atmospheric, visually very impressive and has a few well-earned jump out of your seat moments, which will keep you from reaching for your phone for a mindless news feed scroll.

Sarah McIntyre