The eminently watchable Natalie Dormer is front and centre in the new psychological horror from first-time director Jason Zada, but you can't help but think that the actress deserved better.

The British star is best known for being part of The Hunger Games and Game of Thrones ensemble casts and this is her first leading role, but despite her best efforts, the by-the-numbers approach and predictable plot-line make this movie passable at best.

Dormer plays identical twins Sara and Jess, who, despite being like chalk and cheese, possess some sort of spooky twin telepathy. Sara is the grown-up, level-headed sister, while Jess is troubled and wayward - you can tell by her dark hair and grungy eye-makeup.

When Sara gets word that Jess was heading for Japan's Aokigahara forest alarm bells begin ringing, as it is a place that has become notorious as a suicide destination.

Sara immediately leaves her picture-perfect life with handsome husband Rob (played by Irish actor Eoin Macken) in order to try to track down her delinquent sibling. Inevitably, she runs into many common horror-movie tropes in the course of her adventure: a handsome stranger in a bar (Taylor Kinney), scary schoolgirls, creepy children singing and even an abandoned lodge in the middle of the woods.

Fortunately for the audience, director Zada keeps the pacing quick and the duration short, and there are just enough bumps and scares to keep you interested throughout the hour-and-a-half running time. However, it's pretty damning that the element that kept me most interested, and increasingly sceptical, was Sara's seemingly inexhaustible phone battery. 

Sarah McIntyre