This Irish/Polish co-production has an interesting premise but ties itself in knots 

A sleazy film producer tries to seduce a glamorous starlet; a team of paramedics battle to save a pregnant woman trapped in an apartment; a hotdog vendor with a scandalous recent past plies his trade in a city park; an out of control drug courier risks his life . . .  

These are just a few of the seemingly disparate tableaux and characters in this strange collection of non sequiturs from veteran Polish director Jerzy Skolimowski. He studies eleven minutes in the lives of a cross section of people in Warsaw and attempts to tie the plot strands together into a deadly conclusion when their paths eventually cross.  

Portmanteau in structure, it has something in common with misfiring assassination thriller Vantage Point and like Vantage Point, 11 Minutes quickly becomes irritating and uninvolving. Interestingly, the technically brilliant closing scene resembles Interpol’s video for The Heinrich Maneuver, only with none of the eerie impact.  

Richard Dormer as the film producer does his best but the stop-start narrative makes what could have been a kinetic and innovative short into an over-long and confused watch. Some people might think this is a brave piece of film making from a true maverick; others will see it as 11 minutes of their lives (repeated over and over from different viewpoints) they’ll never get back.  

Alan Corr