A story by Scandinavian author Jo Nesbo and a film comparible to the work of Tarrantino, the Coen Brothers and Guy Ritchie; Jackpot is excellent. With a particular likeness to Pulp Fiction and Fargo, the story is twisted but blackly comic at the same time, producing far more laughs than I had expected.

Verging on the silly at times, there are enough cheap thrills cleverly used to create a certain balance between the blood and occasional decapitation. While there is a lot of blood, it never became too gorey and the comedy element always kept things light hearted.

The story centres on Oscar (Hellum) the owner of a Christmas tree factory who employs ex-convicts. He gets roped into joining a soccer pool with three of his employees and it all goes downhill from there, despite, but mainly due to, their winnings.

The film opens with Oscar being found by the police holding a shotgun, surrounded by dead bodies following a shoot out in a strip club. The story is told in a series of flashbacks during his interrogation by the brilliant Detective Solor (Mestad).

A standout performance came from Arthur Berning who plays the unhinged and slightly psychotic criminal Billy who was a constant source of tension and humour throughout the film.

This one is definitely worth watching.

Sinéad Brennan