In Your Hands is a story about a surgeon, Anna (Kristin Scott Thomas), who is abducted by Yann (Pio Marmai), a man seeking revenge for his wife’s death on the operating table.

The film begins with Anna’s escape and the rest of the story is told in a series of flashbacks so the majority of the film is played out in the room she is being kept prisoner in. While claustrophobic at times, the tension created and the frustration felt by both parties is immense. She is frustrated at being kept captive, while her lack of empathy and remorse drive him mad. The scenes in the room are the strongest aspect of the film and the way the story progresses upon her release is disappointing. Ever reliable Kristin Scott Thomas puts in a great performance however.

There is minimal set design here with only a few locations used which is a weakness as the script isn’t strong enough to sustain the viewer's interest. However on the plus side in the scenes based in the room itself the lack of visual distraction helps to build tension in the periods of silence between the two characters. Outside of this more is needed but sadly not delivered.

Marmai’s character is named Yann Ochberg which drops a major hint about how the story will play out - Frank Ochberg being the man who identified Stockholm Syndrome.

A somewhat predictable film but enjoyable nonetheless.

Sinead Brennan